Thursday, July 24, 2014


There isn't much progress to show on current quilts.  I needed to organize my long arm thread so yesterday was the day.  Cone thread works better than spool thread on a long arm so it takes up a lot of space.  This is my collection of YLI cotton variegated thread, now all in the same drawer.

I watered tomato plants, pulled weeds, cut more volunteer trees (there are hundreds of redbud tree seeds that plant themselves each year) and watered all of my porch and garage pots.  It has turned cooler again, low humidity, just perfect for being outside.  Since we haven't had any rain for a week I didn't have to mow the grass though.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ready to sew.......

I have had the circles appliqued on these blocks for over a week but hadn't checked my photo and put them back on the design wall to prepare for sewing it together.  I will sew it today and then start appliqueing the circles on the other 9 blocks.

 I have tamed the back yard jungle a lot this year.  There are still weeds but they are short ones at this point.  I have been mowing around the bird feeders and mowed a path to my neighbor's yard.  It is a natural bird sanctuary, not a formal garden by any means.  I'm just happy we have had so much rain this year and everything is staying green.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Garden Bounty.......

After the art quilters left I went outside to water my tomato plants.  I noticed yesterday one large tomato on the Early Girl was starting to turn red.  Yesterday it was ready to pick.  The others are grape tomatoes and pear tomatoes.
I wanted to see how the GO! Kite block would look as corners in a 9 patch type block.  I used squares from one of my labeled boxes in the basement.  I'm sure this could be made more interesting if the center square was made of 4 triangles.  As one of my commenters mentioned yesterday, Doreen Speckman called this corner block "ice cream cone (full)".  She had another block she called "ice cream cone (empty)" which was the long point and then flat at the top connecting to a small triangle of background color, making it look more like an empty cone.

Monday, July 21, 2014


I finally finished putting away stuff in the basement at 9 last night.  I baked the cookies in the morning while it was still cool.  I decided to cut some pieces with a new die that I purchased.  I had a pile of leftovers from the Fractured quilt so that is what I used.  I have just sewn the quarters, not the whole blocks.
I wondered what would happen if 2 of the pieces were turned the opposite way.  This might be interesting if you made the diagonal paths in different color groups to create a sort of plaid look.
Added at 8 a.m., go to Gene Black's blog and see the EQ colorations he came up with!!

I'll have to play with it later, the art quilters are coming today and it is supposed to be above 90 degrees.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Cleaning, playing.......

It's time to clean the basement again for the art quilters to come on Monday.  While I was down there I was looking at my boxes of pieces on a shelf unit.  I pulled these 2 boxes.
I decided to play awhile so I designed and sewed 3 table runners and 2 table toppers.  Then back to cleaning.  

 I noticed my first tiger lily blooming in the front garden.  Then I noticed one in the back garden too.  

 Also in the front garden the Rudbeckia is blooming.

The purple balloon flowers have been blooming for awhile and now the pale pink ones are blooming too.  I pulled out a bunch of evening primrose that the Japanese beetles have been feeding on.  Also pulled out a bunch of bindweed and there is a lot more to do.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Binding fabrics, quilting.............

I really had to search for fabrics that were in this quilt to use for the multicolor binding.  I knew I used the end of two fabrics and I really hid the others when I put them away.

 I started the quilting in the border that is spaced the same as the rest of the quilting.

I went shopping for 8' light bulbs in addition to other things yesterday.  Today my electrician is coming to put a new ballast in the fixture at the bottom of my basement stairs.  I put a new bulb in 3 months ago and it is already dying, $10 down the drain.  I have to get the daylight bulbs and they are more expensive than run of the mill type fluorescent bulbs.  I hope this fixes the problem.  Most 8' bulbs last me at least 5 years and some are at least 10 years old.  This year I had to replace 5.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Sewing it together.....

I made a few changes on the colorwash and then it was time to sew it together.  I took down column 1 and 2 and brought them to the machine and placed them right sides together and sewed.

Then I brought column 3 over and opened up 1&2 and placed 3 on it and continued from top to bottom. 

Here I am adding column 7 to 1-6.

 Here are the 6 columns waiting to be added.

 Finally I have all of the stitching done from top to bottom and the rows are held together by the threads between them as I sewed a continuous line.

Rows are sewn the other way and it is finished.  Now I need to layer and baste it.

Below is the photo from yesterday when I said it need some work on the left side.  You can compare them and see the changes I made.