Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just a quick photo to show I have added 2 more blocks.  This photo was taken under different lights than on previous days.  Thanksgiving dinner went well last night.  The turkey was especially moist and delicious.  We actually sat down very close to the time we had planned.  It isn't easy to get it all to the table at the right temperature and on time.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Two blocks and baking...........

I didn't get much sewing done because I had an oven marathon.  I started out with the lowest temperature and first made Chex mix at 250*, then shortbread cookies at 300*, next frosted creams at 350* and finished with muffins with dried cranberry pieces at 400*.  I started at 4:30 and finished at 7:30.
I decided to play with the pieces before I sewed 2 blocks.  The first was the pinwheels above, then I tried repeated verticals offset every other row.  I think this second one might be interesting with the right fabrics.

Then I did one pinwheel with border.  This could have every other block turned a quarter turn or a positive/negative fabric position option laid out as alternating blocks.

Then I took the 2 completed blocks to the design wall and changed position of every other row to make a vertical zig zag.  It is time to move the blocks to a double design wall before I add more blocks later this evening.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

4 more blocks, 2 layouts...........

I made four more blocks last night and tried 2 layouts.  I think the one on the left looks like rick-rack bulls-eyes.  Today I need to vacuum the living/dining room and do some baking.  Our Thanksgiving is going to be Wednesday night.  If you missed yesterday's post, that is where I gave info about the source for this pattern.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Revealing the new book............

This is the new book I am so excited about.  I love the cover quilt--I've never met a zig zag that I didn't like--even though this one is really a rail fence variation.  This book was written by Sujata Shah whom I became acquainted with through The Root Connection blog.  She had published directions for this quilt on her blog (zig zag tutorial tab at the top of her blog) and it is one of my favorite quilts.  She uses a large variety of fabrics in her quilts so I was immediately attracted to them.
I like the method for this quilt, oversized strips with a gentle curve sewn into them and then trimming it to perfect squares to make the block.

There are other layouts suggested too so I may have to make some more of these blocks in a different assortment of fabrics and try one (or two) of them too.

I have my first four 16" blocks up on the design wall.  With this busy week I plan on making a few blocks each day and sewing the top together by the end of the week.

Be sure to check out Sujata's blog.  She shows the whole stack of quilts that are in the book.  If you scroll down you will see more as she prepared to go to Houston to Quilt Market.   Here are a couple more of my favorite quilts on her blog (the red ones).

Also check out C&T's website to see more quilts from the book.  If you like free form piecing, you will love this book.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday happenings............

Since I missed the 2 Thursday sew-ins this month I decided to make some more of the blocks at home for this quilt.  This would make 2 great table runners too.  

This is what I have been reading.  The first day I thought I would read a couple chapters to just get into the story.  When I finished chapter 10 I made myself put it down.  Yes, it is a good book.  Yesterday morning I went to the car dealer for an appointment to get the lock on my driver's side door to work.  I figured it was a computer thing but I was way off.  If was a broken part and damaged wiring, $455 and 2 1/4 hours later I had read over half of the book and was on the way home.
I have finalized my fabric collection for the new quilt.  I took out a few that were in yesterday's photo and added a few.  Today I'll so some cutting and start sewing.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Gathering fabrics...........

I'm gathering fabrics for a new quilt.  I have a new book and I love the cover quilt.  I'll be sharing a mini review of the book and the start of the quilt on Monday.

Friday, November 21, 2014

The ones that didn't work........

When I was choosing reds for the trip around the world groups I found fabrics that won't work.  They are beautiful fabrics and I obviously liked them or I wouldn't have bought them.  It is hard to decide what kind of quilt they would work in.

I love this stripe fabric and really would like to use it.

I love the colors in this one.

I'm sure I'm not the only one buying hard to use fabrics.

This would probably be the easiest to use in a quilt but the color isn't consistent enough across the width for TAW.