Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More auditions.......

My first audition was blue.  I thought maybe it would look good next to the gold cornerstones and contrast well with the stripes.  No, this isn't it.

The next audition was light.  Hmm....let's see that one closer.......  I knew I liked a dotty look since I liked the two that I tried 2 days ago.

It is creamier than it shows in the photo although the taupe beige in the background is pretty close.  This is tree rings by Martha Negley, another Westminster/Rowan designer.

Yes, this is the look I was after.  So many of the other fabrics that I auditioned made the quilt so dark, and to me it was bright summer and needed to be light.  I sewed the borders on last night.  It looks so much better than the photo.  I hope I can get a daylight photo of it soon.  I had it hanging sideways on the design wall and rotated the photo so it really isn't shorter on the left side, just the camera's perspective.  It is about 64" x 78" now.

Monday, September 1, 2014

August recap............

I had four finishes for August.  The two large ones only needed binding.  I finished one quilt top and was so close to finishing a second one.

Only one dishcloth was finished, one not quite half done.

Here is a larger photo of the two spin wallhangings.  They ended up at about 40.25" square.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Borders and binding.......

I pressed the quilt top and started auditioning borders.  I wasn't sure if I wanted a dark one or medium color so I chose 2 and tried them.  Neither of them did anything for me.

Next I chose a Brandon Mably large dot.  I tried the one on the left first and liked it.  I went back to the stash to see what other colors I had in it.  I guess you would call the one on the right ochre and it has charcoal gray dots.  I like that one too.  No decision yet.  I may try a few more fabrics today.

I went out to mow the front yard next.  It was hot but the humidity level wasn't bad.

When I came back in it was time to get busy on the binding on the two wallhangings.  I got one all done and have started the hand sewing on the second one.  I am determined to have them in my finishes for this month.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Closer to finishing......

I finished the quilting on the second spin wallhanging and got both of them trimmed.  Now I'm looking for binding choices.  The centers are a fabric with red metallic woven in one direction and green cotton in the other and they are fairly dark.  I think the binding should be almost as dark as they are.
Here are 2 that I looked at last night next to the backing fabric.  The one on the left picks up the color tone of the center circle fabric.

I finished sewing the seams on the stripe/Kaffe quilt top but it was too late to press it and photograph it.

Friday, August 29, 2014

A little sewing time............

It is time for the free monthly brush pick up again next week so I spent time outside yesterday.  My burning bush has needed cutting back for several years so now it is done.  My neighbor mowed my front yard on Sunday when it was steamy hot so I mowed the back and side yards yesterday while it was less humid.

Last night I finished the vertical seams and started the cross row seams on this quilt.  I also spent a half hour quilting on the spin wallhanging.
I tried a couple multicolor fabrics as possible border choices.  I'm wondering if I will need a print that is mostly one color instead.  As soon as I get the rest of the cross rows sewn I'll be able to put it up on a design wall and do the auditions.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Working on more than one thing.......

It was a little less humid yesterday so I pulled tall weeds in the back garden.  There are a few so large I'll have to cut them off.  

I only spent a half hour on quilting a wallhanging and then I got 4 out of 7 columns sewn on this quilt last night.  I think I can finish sewing it together today.
I had fun looking through all of my Kaffe stripes to see if i have enough to make this quilt in the new Kaffe book.  I am adding in a little red and purple.  The quilt in the book is square and I want the quilt to be rectangular so I'll need to do some adjustments.

Sunday night I started pulling fabrics for this quilt "Cayenne", my favorite in the new Kaffe book.  I don't have all of the fabrics he used but I have found some good substitutions in my collection.  I can't start on these new quilts until after the first of the month because I want a couple more finishes for this month.  I have one wallhanging quilted and ready to trim and the second one partially quilted.

In case you missed the book in a previous post, here it is.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Final layout............

I put the blocks up on a double design wall, thought I had the final layout 3 times and each time found either a stripe next to the same stripe or a duplicate square near the other one.  After moving a few blocks I made the decision that I'm done designing and took the rows off the wall stacked and clipped together.  I need to get back to quilting a wallhanging today and may find time to sew this together too.  I have the wild idea that maybe a 6" border of a large print would look good around this.