Saturday, April 18, 2015

Playing outside in the sunshine........

No there isn't a photo of me playing outside!  I could have taken a picture of the blister I got from raking leaves.  I got the front flower beds looking pretty respectable but I still have a few big weeds to dig out behind my bushes.  It sounds like another nice day to work outside today.  I didn't take any new photos yesterday so I'll just give you the straight on view of the same shot I showed yesterday at an angle.  I have some more triangles cut and ready to sew but instead I did another row of quilting on the Kaffe zig zag quilt last night.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Design wall and garden walk.......

On previous posts I have been showing cropped photos of my triangle project.  Here is what the whole design wall looks like as I approach it.  I got a little more done at the bottom left.  

While I was down there working on it yesterday morning I quilted two more colors on the lantern quilt; two more to go and some light background to quilt.

Last night while I watched Netflix I quilted for almost 3 hours on this quilt.  I am ditch quilting every other row and there are 20 rows to quilt; 11 are done in 3 nights of quilting, 9 to go.

Since it is dry outside and warm, I have been cleaning up the front flower beds so the approach to my front door will look decent on the day of the bridal shower.  I have one more morning to work on it.  Here is the rest of the garden walk from Wednesday.  The Sedum is doing well.
This is one of the varieties of Cranesbill that I have.  No buds yet on it although this is usually the earliest one to bloom.

If you look closely there are two purple violets here.

There are a few white violets too.  The leaves are small here but they will get huge by the beginning of summer.

All of the previous photos were taken in the back garden.  This Hosta is in the front garden.  I noticed a little Columbine right next to it.  My big plant didn't come up last year so I'm happy to see this one.
Most of the Hostas are just peeking out of the ground.   I haven't seen any Jack in the Pulpit yet but I'm sure it won't be long and they will be up.


Thursday, April 16, 2015

Changes and garden walk...........

I made a change of one fabric in this quilt.  The yellow block was one large square of the fern fabric and I thought it was too dull so I made it into a 4 patch.

Since I had already made the triangle blocks to go with it I now had 4 that won't be used.  Never fear though, they will be used with the 4 patches left over from another quilt since they are the same size blocks.

Spring is really here when the robins visit looking for worms.

This dove also visited.  It has a partial ring on its neck.  I was thinking that the ring went all the way around but not on this one anyway.

The Brunnera is blooming.

Pulmonaria also known as Lungwort is also blooming.  I had several renegades that jumped out of the flower bed so I dug them up and will share them with friends.

The forsythia is in the final stage of blooming since the leaves are popping out now.  I'll show some more garden walk tomorrow.


Wednesday, April 15, 2015


My two sewing pals came over yesterday and I worked on my triangle project.  I'm auditioning colors for several areas.  I need to add another row to the bottom yet so I will need to move the whole thing up the wall soon.  The bottom half row will still be laying on the floor because there won't be room on the wall for it.  At this point I'm thinking about making it 80" x 96".
When we came up from the basement to go out for lunch we saw 2 mourning doves being lovey dovey!  They actually looked like they were kissing but I couldn't catch that in a photo.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I was too tired to do any sewing after I got home from church sewing circle so I did laundry and picked up some of my mess in the basement.  I decided to put the best 24 blocks of this 4 patch posy group on the design wall and maybe I can decide how to finish them into a top.  The blocks will finish at 11".

Monday, April 13, 2015

Delivery day.........

Today is the first time I have been able to go to my church sewing circle this year.  We cancelled most of the sessions because of bad weather but some of the ladies met at least once in March.  My church is 23 miles from my house and I am a fair weather driver.  I worked on this group of preemie gowns and blankets for about 3 weeks, a little bit here and there.  There are 34 sets in a total of 4 sizes.
I have shown the pattern before but I decided I needed to repeat it and put a label of "preemie pattern" on this post so it is easy to find.

I made 4 little quilts, 3 pictured here.  They are just one pieced flannel layer and a backing of flannel, quilted and with edges finished on my serger.  This keeps them soft and flexible just like a receiving blanket.  Batting would make them too bulky in this small size.  The largest one is about 18" x 22", the smallest about 15" x 18".
I made a little progress on the left side of this project.  For more info on this quilt go to this post.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Machine quilting.........

I finished quilting the African 16 patch wallhanging and then quilted the yellow and orange sections on this wallhanging.  That is 2 out of 9 color blocks.  I have the white quilted all the way around the edge of the quilt but need to do the center area yet.
One of my baby cacti is blooming.  I never know what color they are because they are from the pieces that fall off the big plants.  Sometimes they are knocked off by squirrels when the cacti are outside for the summer.
Here is the rest of the collection of babies, with the sunlight coming through the mini blinds and making them look striped.  I don't know what color any of these are so I hope they bloom in the fall.