Saturday, April 19, 2014


Some friends are coming over Monday and we are all making a Soul Searching quilt, not the original in the book but one that a student of Kathy Doughty's made.  Rather than individual blocks it has the next row nested in between rows one and two.  She has a photo of it on her Material Obsession blog (10th photo).  I have been gathering scraps and 2.5" strips and last night started cutting some of the lengths of each color that I will need. 

I went out and trimmed back my Butterfly Bush and cleaned up one part of a flower bed.  There is more clean up to do but we will still get some frosts and freezes so I don't want everything totally uncovered yet.  Besides that my old body can't take too much of that kind of work in one day.  Little by little it will all be done.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Miscellany day.........

I didn't accomplish anything big yesterday.  I had an electrician friend put in a dedicated outlet for my microwave to its own breaker instead of being on the same breaker as everything else on my kitchen counters.  While he was here I cleaned off my cutting table in the studio and counted all of the triangle squares that I have sewn so far.  Then it was library, post office, grocery store......then a nap!  Today is supposed to be a little cooler so it will be a good day to get some decisions made on backings for 3 quilts and a border for another.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Backing fabric choices..............

In my search for backing fabric I found almost enough of the one on the left.  I would be 1/2 yard short so I could piece a section out of the leftover fabrics to fill in.  Then I found the fabric on the right of which I have enough for one length for the back. choices would be one full length of each fabric or piecing in a section to add to the fabric on the left.  They are both Martha Negley fabrics, also Westminster fabrics like Kaffe Fassett fabric is.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Stars added..........

I have the top sewn together now.  I added in a 9" wide row on the left which includes the four star blocks.  I had a few 9" (finished size) squares left from the original group cut and I had to cut a couple 6" (finished) squares as well as quite a few 3" (finished) squares to finish it.  It is now 75" x 93".  I would like it a couple inches longer......but I'm done.  I will look for backing when I get home from my appointment in Chicago today.  It looks a lot more yellow to me in person but I think the camera likes to pick up the pink.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A drop in temperature.........

The temperature a little after midnight yesterday was 63 degrees.  I went to church sewing circle in the afternoon and drove through light snow flurries on the way home. 

I got 3 more low contrast stars made to add to the one from yesterday.
Shortly after I got home I went out and rescued my flowers from the accumulating snow.

I thought it was probably done snowing around 5 and took this shot of a bunny cleaning up under a bird feeder. snowed for a few more hours and I got a shot of another bunny around 7:30.

This is not abnormal for us to have snow in April.  In fact in 66% of the over 100 years of records there is a significant snowfall in April.

Flowers with snowy backdrop.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Yesterday in the comments Marie suggested star blocks to make the quilt wider.  I love star blocks so I decided to experiment.  Since all of the blocks in the quilt (see yesterday's post) are multiples of 3" (3", 6", and 9") the stars would have to be the same so this is the first 9" block.  I want to make them all low contrast so the stars don't jump out at you since they will only be along one side of the quilt.  I just happen to have the die for the star point section in both 2" and 3" so I can make 6" and 9" blocks.

I think I need to mention again that if you have a Google+ account there is a 95% chance you are a no reply comment so I can't answer your questions.  Only about 5% of the + people have figured out how to enable their email address.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Playing with borders and blooms........

I was playing with the extra rows on this quilt top.  The center section is 54" x 87", really long and narrow.  I added 2 rows of 6" blocks on both sides, and then because they were already cut I added a row of 3" squares on top and bottom.  If I sew them on it will be 66" x 93".  That is still a little small for a twin bed although it would work on a bunk bed or one with wood side rails and a foot board.  I could take all of this down and just make one more vertical panel to add on the width.  I can see it will be on the design wall for a few days.
My forsythia bush right next to the house on the west side had a few blooms.  The one in the front barely has buds.

Now that these are in bloom I wonder if they are Jonquils instead of Daffodils.  I bought an assortment of bulbs many years ago and they haven't been very productive the last couple years.  I suspect they need to be dug up and separated.