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Friday, October 28, 2016

Tweaked a little.........

I took out some of the dull green on beige prints and added some more yellows.  If you go back to my post yesterday you might be able to spot the changes.  I'm still not happy with it.  I may add 4 columns on the right side and make it rectangular.  I think I can leave this up on this design wall because we don't use it when the art quilters are here.
I was moving some boxes and found the one with pieces cut with this Sizzix die.  I had to buy another adapter to use this die with my Studio die cutter.  This die is one of Victoria Findlay Wolfe's designs.  The pieces are just laying on the table, not sewn.  I started cutting pieces from my Kaffe scrap box and I need to get back to it to have more choices for the blocks.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Working on a colorwash.......

I started working on this colorwash over a week ago.  I put a few pieces on it two days ago and yesterday decided I needed to fill it all in.

I had the last 2 innings of the World Series game on while I worked on it.  I don't usually watch baseball but with our Cubs in it, I need to know how it comes out.  Cubs won the game!!

I filled it all in but it needs a lot of tweaking.  The brightest yellows might come out or get moved.  I need to get my trays of squares back in their big storage box because the art quilters are coming next Monday.


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Need to clean up........

I have been busy packaging and mailing colorwash kits that I sold and the studio desperately needs to be cleaned up.  This is the main cutting table with my personal collection of batik squares.  I had them out to help in the tweaking stage for the class last week.

This is another cutting table. I had sorted all of the scraps that I can cut for my own collection but haven't had time to do it.

My granddaughter invited me out to her house for pizza last night.  My other granddaughter and her boyfriend were there too.  I held the new baby who is 8 weeks old today.  He is a smiley little guy.  

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

More stash hunting............

I'm still searching for large floral prints in my stash.  This one is a contender for the 8" squares.

This one looks more like a painting than a realistic flower so I'm not sure about it.

This one would have multiple flowers in an 8" square.

I could use this for the small squares around the edge or have multiple flowers in a large square.  I will probably go ahead and do some fussy cutting and if they don't go in this quilt, they can be used in another quilt.  Now I'll go through the Philip Jacobs and Kaffe fabrics for more large flowers.  I know I'll find some there.

Monday, October 24, 2016

For a friend.........

I have been working on a small project for a friend for about a month, just sewing a little every evening.  I need to find the backing now and get it basted for quilting.

Yesterday afternoon I packaged lots of colorwash kits ready to mail this morning.  I did a little outside clean up too, dumping the contents of the pots with Coleus.  They looked pretty bad after the frost.  My church sewing circle got cancelled for today so I hope to dig into a quilting project.

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Big flowers..........

This is one of the fabrics I recognized in the Seed Packet quilt I showed yesterday.  It is an Alexander Henry fabric from about 15-20 years ago.  The big squares are cut 8" in the book.  My ruler is 8.5" so I may change to that.
This fabric is a possibility too.  I think they were mostly red and pink in the book.  I probably will add in orange.

There are smaller blocks around the perimeter of the quilt so these may work there.  I haven't opened my 2 boxes of floral fabrics yet so I'm sure I'll find a few more.   Most of my floral prints are small to medium size flowers so I'll find more for the smaller blocks.

Saturday, October 22, 2016


I found time to sit down and read most of this new hard cover Kaffe Fassett book.  Does anyone call hard cover editions coffee table books any more?  Kaffe discusses many types of color groups with beautiful still life arrangements illustrating them.  There are also quilts (and directions to make them) and needlepoint designs in  this book.

One of my favorites is his Seed Packet quilt.  It is huge fussy cut flowers from his fabrics as well as other brands.  It sounds like he is a collector of beautiful floral fabrics too.  I recognized a few of the older fabrics.  I love that red headboard too.

There are 2 sizes of squares so I will have to look for 2 sizes of flowers as I go through my fabrics.

This book from C&T Publishing came 2 days ago.  I think Cindy Grisdela did a great job of explaining the elements and principals of design.  I don't have any formal art training and I have read explanations before but the way Cindy explains them finally makes some sense to me.  I'm usually just depending on what is visually pleasing to me.  I have a drawer full of improv pieces and parts already made that I can play with to try out some of her ideas.

I listed one group of colorwash kits for sale on my Wandaful blog (link to it above the title of today's post and link also on my right sidebar above "My current favorite").  I may have some other kits to list but I'm waiting to hear back from some buyers first.