Monday, September 22, 2014


Well....the photographer (me!) obviously wasn't standing straight in front of this!!  It was almost midnight and I wasn't in the mood to go down to the basement and retake the photo.

Everyone tells me I'm so good with color on these colorwashes, but it is value that makes them work, light to dark.  With busy multicolor prints, occasionally a color will get grouped, like the green in this area, but it is the busyness and multicolor that is making it blend.  It is like one of those collages that look like a certain person or object, and then they zoom in and it is a bunch of photos strategically placed to make it work.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Almost sewn together...........

I have just three more seams and this will be finished.  I was simply too tired to finish it last night.

I spent another 5 hours pressing and cutting and am making good headway on the kits.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sewing and cutting..........

I have sewn 11 of the 16 rows of the colorwash.  The remaining rows are clipped together and labeled.

I have mentioned before that I have tough fingernails so I fingernail press the seams as I go, one row to the right, the next row to the left.  When I have all of the vertical rows attached, I won't have to take it to the ironing board because the seams are already pressed.
I'm busy cutting kits.  These stacks were cut from 1 yard pieces of fabric with 6 cuts of 4 fabrics each so when I do the crosscuts at 10.5" there will be 24 pieces for each of 24 kits.
These stacks were cut from shorter lengths of fabric which are the groups I am working on from here to the end.  I hope I can get all of the rest of the strips cut today and then tomorrow I can crosscut and sort into individual kits. 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Yard work and kits.......

I spent the morning in the back yard, sharing peony roots with a friend (her son did the digging) and chopping off peony bushes and pulling weeds.  When I came in I was pleased to find I had 20 people interested in the floral/colorwash fabric kits.  (If anyone else is interested, I can make more kits but they would only have a few of the fabrics I showed yesterday in them and more of the fabrics shown today.) As of 10:30 a.m. CST I am not taking any more orders for kits.  If you want to be on a waiting list in case someone drops out or I have enough to make more then continue to comment or email me.  I will respond to you telling you that you are on the waiting list.

In the afternoon I went through all three blanket boxes and separated the fabrics into groups.  This group is 'less than 1/4 yard' pieces.

This pile is 1/4 - 3/8 yard pieces.  I pulled all of the large prints and also the pieces I have larger yardage of and filled one of the blanket boxes with those.  I'm hoping for only a box and a half of fabric left after all of the cutting. 

This pile is 1/2 -3/4 yard pieces.  All of the 1 yard and larger were in another pile that didn't get photographed.

I started cutting the kits last night and also ironed a bunch more pieces that are ready to cut this morning.  I'll probably take a break in the middle of the day and sew the wallhanging shown 2 days ago and then go back to cutting again.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

I was wondering..........

It was so much fun emptying that blanket box of the 10 trays of colorwash squares.  A friend wanted to purchase a selection from them and what is left over will go to another friend.  I have 3 large blanket boxes full of floral fabrics, most from several years ago.  Since so many people loved the colorwash I was working on yesterday, I wondered if there would be anyone interested in a selection of 50 pieces of florals including the ones in the photo above, 6" x 10.5" for about $28 which would include first class mailing in the US.  If you are interested leave a comment or contact me directly with the email link in my profile or the email link on the right sidebar.

From a piece 6" x 10.5" you could cut 2 charm squares (5") or 2 strips 2.5" from which you could cut 8 - 2.5" squares or leave them as strips for jelly roll type projects.  You could instead cut 3 - 2" strips which could be cut into 2" squares or left as strips.  There are many combinations of triangles and other shapes that could be cut from that size piece.  

In a colorwash project variety of fabric is more important than repeating the same fabric over and over.  I do repeat some fabrics 2 or 3 times in a piece the size I built yesterday (256 squares) but I probably have 230 different fabrics in it.

I work with 2.5" squares and sew them together in rows like I showed in this post.  A lot of people would rather use the 2" gridded interfacing and use 2" squares to build a colorwash.  Here is a post where I show how I store my squares to make it easy to see all of the fabrics at once.

This link from my Label list (right side bar) will take you to all of the posts that refer to colorwash.  

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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Emptying a bin........

I have all of my Kaffe Fassett fabric in matching bins and I needed one more.  I emptied out the trays with the floral fabric squares that were in one of them.  I figured I might as well play on a design wall while doing it.  I have some tweaking to do but I always do that over a couple days after I have the initial design up on the wall.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

In progress piece..........

Several readers asked about the little piece in progress on my cleaned off cutting table in yesterday's post.  It has been laying there since December last year.  Here is a link to the others I was working on at that time.  This one has lost a few pieces in all of that time so I pulled out the trays on which I store the tiny pieces of batik fabric.  I should finish it NOW!  The little clips are holding the layers together so I can do a straight stitch on the edge and then do the machine quilting and the zig-zagged edge finish.