Wednesday, October 1, 2014

September recap.......and the winners are.............

I had two finishes, both at the beginning of September.  
 I made three quilt tops.  The one on the left is about 64" x 78", the colorwash is 32.5" square and the table runner is 12" x 36".  I experimented with a new technique but didn't include that sample here. 
I only completed one dishcloth, the one that was half done last month, and started one new one.  I have knitted 41 dishcloths so far this year so I'm ahead of my goal of 4 a month.

Now for the winner of the Lapel Sticks from yesterday's giveaway.  In 71 comments there were only 5 no replies who didn't put their email address in their comment.  That is a huge improvement over the day before, so thank you for all of you who did add your email address.

The winners are Carole in Nebraska and Sally in St. Paul so as soon as I get your mailing addresses, the Lapel Sticks will be on their way to you.  

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Winner and another giveaway..........

Fall is in the air.  This tree is across the street and is already losing leaves.  Other trees have barely started turning.

Now, for the winner of yesterday's Lapel Stick.  First, I said NO REPLY people would automatically be disqualified.  Image how I felt when the first three comments were all no reply.  Numbers 4 and 5 were too but they put their email in their comment so they were included.  Those of you  NO REPLY with blogger accounts, go to your profile page, click on the Edit Profile button (top right corner), put a check mark in the box after Show my email address, scroll down and SAVE.  If you don't save it, it isn't done.  Those of you with Google+, almost all of you are no reply, I wish I could help you but I don't know how to get your email enabled.

Now for the winner, 19 people were in the drawing.  I did it the old fashioned way of writing names on slips of paper and picking one out of the pile.  The winner is KadyB.
Today anyone in the US can enter.  My second test for the Lapel Stick was for a binding all by machine.  I quilted a little sample of 3 layers and sewed my binding onto the front side.

Then I put a very small amount of the Lapel Stick glue near the fold edge of the binding and pressed it in place with my fingers on the back side of the sample.  Then I stitched from the right side and caught the folded edge with my stitching.  I even glued the corner in place with a very light coating of glue and it didn't move.  I can't stand the idea of a stream of wet glue on my quilts so I was happy with this thin coating of glue stick that doesn't gum up my needle.

So let's try again.  NO REPLY people are automatically disqualified.  If you don't know if you are a no reply, leave me a comment on my blog and then go to my email link on my right side bar and email me.  I'll tell you whether you are no reply or not.  OR put your email address in your comment with AT instead of @ and DOT instead of a period.  I will draw 2 names today at midnight.
Giveaway drawing CLOSED at midnight 9/30/14 

Monday, September 29, 2014

A give away....if you have an embroidery machine.......

I had seen Lapel Stick on several other blogs and they were hosting a giveaway for it.  I contacted the company and they sent me some samples.  I would like to share with other machine embroiderers today.  I had been looking for a nice glue stick that didn't leave a residue in the area around the stitching, and also one that didn't gum up my scissors when trimming.
I loaded this old Amazing Designs pattern on my memory stick and brought it to my machine.  Here I am preparing to sew the outline of the birdhouse.  It was stitched once on the green fabric to show me the location and to give me an idea how large to cut the applique fabric.  I used the Lapel Stick glue to hold the fabric in place.
After stitching the bird house outline, I gently lifted the edges of the birdhouse fabric and trimmed close to the stitching line.

Now the machine is doing a tacking zig zag around the perimeter of the birdhouse.

The birdhouse stitching is all completed and the bird has been straight stitched and is being trimmed.

I wish I would have had some of this lapel stick when I was shopping one day and lost a button when trying on clothes.  Not one store had a safety pin that I could borrow.  Remember the good old days when they pinned price tags on garments?

My giveaway today is just for people who own embroidery machines and want to try the Lapel Stick for applique.  Tomorrow I will have a giveaway for everyone.  In your giveaway entry comment tell me whether you have done any applique with your embroidery machine.  If you are a NO REPLY you are automatically disqualified unless you leave your email address in your comment using AT instead of @ and DOT instead of a period.

I will choose a winner at midnight tonight.
Giveaway closed Midnight 9/29/14

Sunday, September 28, 2014

The clean up...........

I have made several little wallhangings with a colorwash heart.  If I did this one now I would be more creative with prints at the outside edge of the heart so it would look more rounded and less pixelly.

I brought the pile of scraps upstairs to sort while I watched the news and weather.  These are all of the widths that were too narrow to use for the kit pieces.  I'm picking the pieces I want to keep and I have a buyer for the rest.

Once again I'm going to mention that if you asked me a question in a comment and you didn't hear back from me, you are a NO REPLY commenter.  The majority of you are Google+ and I can't even leave a comment on your site because I won't join (and become a no reply like you are).  I have an email link on the right side bar and another in my if you really want an me.

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Someone once told me I was obsessed with colorwash.  I prefer to think I am driven to create with a smooth blend of values.  I used to cut kits of 2.5" squares when I taught colorwash classes.  There was usually a piece left by the fold from which I could cut a 2" or 1.5" square.  If I cut a 1.5" square the leftover was 1" and those are the pieces I used for this little quilt.  The 6" ruler is to give you a perspective of the size of the piece.  I know I still have a tray of 1" squares in one of my storage boxes.

Friday, September 26, 2014

The end of a treat..........

All I have to show for my day yesterday is the last 4 toffee bars.  I baked 2 desserts to take both places I went yesterday.  I started out at the twice monthly sew in and helped someone with the directions on a pattern.  Then I went to a sister in law gathering and also saw my niece from California.  It was a relaxing social day.   Last night I sorted kits and then spent time on the computer contacting a bunch of people who wanted a kit.  I'm at the end of the fabric with just 4 more kits to cut today.  When I finish them I will have cut 89.25 yards of colorwash type fabric into kits.  That leaves me with 2 empty blanket boxes under the pool table.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bear Paw says goodbye......

If you have been reading my blog for awhile you might remember the Bear Paw top that I completed in Feb. 2013.  I had so much fun making those blocks.  Yesterday two friends came to town to go out to lunch.  We hadn't seen each other for a little over a year.  One of them surprised me by buying two of my quilt tops and this was one of them.  
This was the other layout I had on the design wall and I really liked it but chose to sew the other one.  Now that the first one is gone I will probably make more blocks and do a layout similar to this.  It is a great block to sew while watching TV and now that the good shows are on again, I will want a fun project to work on.

Today is a social day which I need.  My body is beginning to hurt from all of the kit cutting and a day away will be good.  I'll be back at it on Friday.