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Thursday, December 8, 2016

Cold outside, warm inside..........

I layered 8 strip sets 1" apart preparing to cut 2.5" segments from them.  Yes, you need a sharp blade for this.
Here are the 16 blocks all sewn but not pressed yet.  

It was a great day to make soup yesterday, only in the 20s outside.  I made pea soup in the crock pot with a ham bone added.
I got this X block top sewn together.  For a recap, it is Marcia Derse fabrics for the background triangles, Kaffe Fassett yarn dyed stripes for the backgrounds and sashing strips, and large prints from many years and many different fabric companies for the X's.  There is a triangle border on the quilt in the book but I really don't care for it so maybe this one is done at 56" x 74".  It would look great thrown over a sofa in a room with a neutral color scheme.

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

More purple.........

I was away from home most of the day yesterday so there was only a little sewing done.  On Monday I had pressed and cut more purple strips but all were light strips except one.  I also had one dark strip left over from the first batch of cutting.  Now I need to get back at it and cut more dark strips.

There was more melting of snow yesterday but we are going to have a few frigid days so what is left will be staying awhile.

Tuesday, December 6, 2016


I cut and pieced the last 4 blocks and then trimmed them all to the same size.  With my two friends helping I got the blocks arranged and added the Kaffe Fassett yarn dyed woven striped sashing strips.
Then I decided on a dark purple/burgundy shot cotton for the corner blocks rather than following the directions for the quilt in the book.  Last night I sewed the sashing and cornerstones onto each block so it is ready to sew the blocks together now.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Yes, it snowed..............

It started snowing at 8 yesterday morning and was still coming down at 3:30 when I went out to shovel my sidewalk and porch.  There was about 4" on the sidewalk but closer to 6" on the grass.  Snow didn't accumulate on the road or sidewalk until about 2 hours into the storm because we hadn't had cold weather recently so they were warm.  I sewed the rest of the purple strips for the 16 patch and got them pressed.  Then I cleaned off my die cutter table and found the leftover Marcia Derse triangles shown here.  I think I'll make a table runner out of them.
This is the view out of my kitchen window around 2:30.

This is a Rose of Sharon bush right outside my kitchen sink window.

Here is a closer look at the seed heads and snow piled on them.

The two Redbud trees by my driveway look like they are in bloom.  The snow was wet and piled up on everything.

The snapdragons growing in a crack in my driveway are still green and blooming.  Today is supposed to get up near 40 so we should have some melting.  My two friends are coming over to sew today.  I'm glad my snowplow guy came last night and cleaned off the driveway.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Playing with purple.........

I cut some more light purples from my yardage and now have 19 dark and 18 light strips.  That will only make a quilt 48" square so I have more cutting to do.

I sewed some strip sets while watching a movie.  They are ready to press and cross cut for 2 blocks from each combination.  I have a tutorial for the 16 patch that guarantees seams going in opposing directions when sewing the blocks into a quilt......guaranteed if you follow the directions. 
The rest of the strips are paired and ready to sew.  Today is supposed to be our first snowstorm of the winter so I probably won't leave home today.

Saturday, December 3, 2016


I removed these two flowers from my Seed Packet layout.

I replaced them with two from this fabric, one yellow and one pink.  I need to move the squares back over to the double wall now so I can continue. Yesterday was errand day so not much got done in the studio.

Friday, December 2, 2016


I sewed one more strip set after I took this photo.  I pressed them last night so I'm one step closer to deciding what I will make out of them.
I started pressing out fold marks and cutting strips for the purple 16 patch quilt.  I have 28 strips cut and that will make 28 blocks.  I could get 2 or 3 strips out of some of the pieces of fabric so if I want more than 2 blocks with each fabric I can use them.  However..........I have lots more larger pieces of fabric from which I can cut strips.

Have you seen one of these?  It is an amaryllis bulb coated with wax and it doesn't need watering.  My sister-in-law gave it to me for Christmas.  She decided she better give it to me early because it was starting to grow.

This is the label that was in the container.  It says the flower stalks are shorter than on the potted bulbs.  There is a wire base that is supposed to keep it from tipping over.  I'll show it once a week so you can watch it grow too.