Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Selecting backing........

I finally got the other blocks sewn together.  All of the edges are bias so it is going to take some care to keep them square when I baste them.  The next task is to choose the backing.  I want to use the same on both so I pulled out some large yardage pieces.  I'm going to keep looking since I'm not sure about either of these.
The one on the left is soft colors.  The background is a gray-green.

The one on the right is wild.  I can't see using it for anything but a back.  I have some of the wider Kaffe fabrics that are a little heavier weight and they would make these wallhangings really stable.  I need to find them today.

Monday, July 28, 2014

One last HST link up............

This is a round up of all of the quilts I linked to Vicki Welsh's HSTeria quilt along.  I'm not an over-achiever; I just happen to use triangles in most of my quilts.

Finishing up............

I cut and made the nine extra small gowns for the preemie layettes and finished serging the edges of all of the blankets.  Sewing circle is this afternoon so tonight I can start working on quilts again.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Neckbands and blanket edging.........

I brought home some of our partially finished layette pieces two weeks ago.  The seven gowns needed neckbands and the 3 receiving blankets needed the serger edging.  When I take them tomorrow to sewing circle, the ribbon will be run through the neckband and tied in a bow.  I'm including the pattern in this post for the people who have slow internet service.  I included the link yesterday but it takes too long for the link to open with slow service.
 I don't measure the ribbing.  I just stretch it slightly as I sew it on and cut it off when I get to the end.  We used to turn in the edges of the ribbing at the front but after all kinds of problems sewing it that way we decided to just use the raw edge.  It won't ravel and these gowns are used for such a short time since babies grow fast.  Click on the photos to enlarge them.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Kite blocks......

I decided to sew the kite blocks together since they were just my samples to test out the GO die.  I think I will put a stripe sashing between the blocks and a border around and make a table runner.  They are 8" blocks.

We are going to be making more preemie layettes at church sewing circle so I washed some new flannel.  I got this one on sale and they only had a yard of it.  I will probably make the extra small size gown from it.  I shared the pattern over a year ago here (scroll down to end of post).

Friday, July 25, 2014

In the mail..........

On June 20 a comment was left by Jo from the UK (JOZART blog) that she found my blog through the British Patchwork and Quilting magazine's Blog of the Month article.  I emailed her and asked if she could take a photo of the article and send it to me.  She not only did that but also sent me the actual magazine!!  Thanks Jo!!

On the sewing front, I got all 9 centers appliqued on the second set of 9 blocks.  I hope to get this one sewn together today and then I can baste both wallhangings.

I spied this butterfly outside my kitchen window.  It visited almost every coneflower in my back yard.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


There isn't much progress to show on current quilts.  I needed to organize my long arm thread so yesterday was the day.  Cone thread works better than spool thread on a long arm so it takes up a lot of space.  This is my collection of YLI cotton variegated thread, now all in the same drawer.

I watered tomato plants, pulled weeds, cut more volunteer trees (there are hundreds of redbud tree seeds that plant themselves each year) and watered all of my porch and garage pots.  It has turned cooler again, low humidity, just perfect for being outside.  Since we haven't had any rain for a week I didn't have to mow the grass though.